"It has been an incredible journey of passion and excitement to have been a pioneer in launching one of the first coupon websites under Surfmyads.com, Inc. and to have been successfully running this business for over 18 years. My fervor has only grown as we continuously innovate and unveil cutting-edge features, and I am thrilled for the future ahead.

Aydin Karadeniz, Founder & CEO at Surfmyads.com

Our Story

Surfmyads.com, Inc. was founded in 2006 in Santa Barbara, CA by Aydin Karadeniz. Aydin quickly developed a deep understanding of online marketing at the very early stages of the dot com boom. His passion for product development and creative ideas led him to embark on Internet entrepreneurship after gaining comprehensive experience at one of the leading software companies in the early 2000’s. The skills and knowledge he gained gave him the platform to start Surfmyads.

A coupon website by Surfmyads means a place where consumers can experience financial alleviation and explore options on how to intelligently make purchases while saving money. Shoppers from around the globe are able to come together and get more while spending less.

In 2011, the company moved its headquarters from Santa Barbara to Santa Monica to assist the company’s growth and establish its niche in the thriving commercial landscape of Los Angeles where it continued to launch and operate several coupon and deal brands. A sister office was also opened in Istanbul, Turkey in 2012, where all coupon and deal content is managed by an expert optimization team. With employees also residing in London, England, Surfmyads has grown into a global company that has a diverse culture and history, which is the proud foundation of the company’s identity.

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Our company's Progress from Santa Barbara to Palo Alto

Why the name Surfmyads? When the company started up in Santa Barbara, we wanted to use a name that reflected our location and what we do. Surfmyads is a combination of “surfing” and “advertising.” Our love of the California coastline and helping businesses succeed is the foundation of who we are.

While the founder strongly values the importance of office set-up, the company was forced to shut down its office in Santa Monica and fully embrace remote work. However, the company is actively seeking to develop a hybrid module that blends the sense of ownership from the early launch in Santa Barbara with the latest tools for effective team collaboration. By striking this balance, the company hopes to create a new work environment that reflects its values and supports its continued growth.

Painting of Surfmyads First Office by its first employees in Santa Barbara in 2007

Meet Our Management Team

There are many talented people working to drive the ongoing success of Surfmyads. Get to know the people leading the way at Surfmyads.

Aydin Karadeniz

Founder & CEO

Aydin oversees all aspects of the company’s operations.

Dilusha Hettiralalage

Director of Affiliate Marketing

Dilusha is the primary point of contact for UK and European partnership deals. The main area of her focus is on driving the revenue growth of Codes.co.uk.

Kendyl Young

Senior Affiliate Account Manager

Kendyl's key responsibilities include developing strategic partnerships and implementing revenue-driving strategies.

Metin Maden

Senior Marketing Lead

Metin is responsible for managing search engine marketing campaigns that drive new customer acquisitions for our partners.

Arslan Kucuk

Operations Manager

Arslan takes on wide range of responsibilities, from activating new stores to providing support to the account management & marketing teams. He steps in when there are areas that need support.

Tereza Gurler

EU Coupon Optimization Team Lead

Tereza leads the Global Coupon team that is responsible for the offer flow across UK, DE, FR and NL Markets. She continuously trains and strengths the optimization team for the maximum offer conversions across all channels.