We launch winning coupon brands that boost conversion rates for stores

Surfmyads.com, headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, is a leading operator of customized coupon websites that have facilitated hundreds of thousands of transactions for prominent retailers worldwide.

Working as one small passionate team with our retailer partners, we build saving brands that people love and use.

It is the creativity, quality, close partner relationships and use of the latest technologies that makes Surfmyads.com one of the leaders in affiliate marketing industry.

Grow with Surfmyads Coupon and Discount Brands

Offering US coupons since 2007

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offering Canadian coupons since 2010

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offering discount vouchers since 2008

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Offering discounts to German Shoppers since 2010

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Social Savings Platform since 2023

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offering code promo since 2014

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Offering coupon codes to Dutch users since 2021

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Discount codes to Australian Shoppers since 2018

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Trusted by Retailers across the globe

Our diverse portfolio of coupon and deal websites meet consumer needs across the globe.

Global Coupon Websites
Partner Retailers
Generated Sales for Partners

These stores get it. Acquire new customers with coupon and promotional marketing.

By publishing their coupons, last-minute deals, and promo codes, over 30,000 retailers have chosen to partner with us. You'll achieve the best ROI with our brands, surpassing other content websites and branding Ad spend.

Increase cart values (AOVs), conversion rates, and new customer acquisitions by publishing your coupons and coupon codes on our savings platform. List your store and offer discounts with our savings brands.

Frequently asked questions

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What are the benefits of providing coupons to my customers?
Coupons attract new customers and build loyalty with your existing customer base. Coupons and promotions can also boost your average order value and increase your conversion rates. Providing coupons cultivates a positive connection between your brand and customers.
How can Surfmyads benefit my brand or website?
Surfmyads offers advertisers many intelligent marketing options from email campaigns, social media exposure, search engine marketing, and money saving browser extension software. Our coupon syndication software allows website owners to provide added value to their users while also creating an additional revenue channel.
Does Surfmyads work with different types of advertisers?
Surfmyads is a global company, serving savvy shoppers in over twelve major regions and is continuing to expand. Our software platform accommodates advertisers from every vertical, including fashion, home and garden, electronics, business services, and travel.

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Team Surfmyads

Inside Surfmyads

Surfmyads.com's Coupons.ca Dominates Canadian Market in Q1/2023

We're excited to share the exceptional Q1 we had at Surfmyads.com. Thanks in part to the support of our close partners and agency contacts, our savings sites saw higher traffic as consumers made more efforts to save with coupons and coupon codes.

Team Surfmyads